Key dates

  • Abstract submission deadline:
    27 May 2015
  • Abstract submission deadline (poster only):
    4 August 2015
  • Early registration deadline:
    4 August 2015
  • Online accommodation booking deadline:
    10 August 2015
  • Registration deadline:
    1 September 2015



Tuesday 8 September Wednesday 9 September Thursday 10 September
Poster Programme

Please note that the programme is subject to change.

The abstract book is available to download here (PDF, 2.5MB).

Wednesday 9 September

Session 3
Chair: Alexei Likhtman, University of Reading, UK

09:00 (invited) Slide-ring materials with movable crosslinks and entropy of rings
Kohzo Ito, The University of Tokyo, Japan
[view abstract pdf]

09:45 Controlling frontal photopolymerisation with optical attenuation, mass diffusion, and temperature gradients
Matthew G Hennessy, Imperial College London, UK
[view abstract pdf]

10:05 Relaxation of the orientation of single segments in semiflexible dendrimers
Maxim Dolgushev, University Freiburg, Germany
[view abstract pdf]

10:25 Molecular dynamics and slip-spring model simulations of branched polymer
Jian Zhu, University of Reading, UK
[view abstract pdf]


Refreshment break and exhibition
Atrium, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

Session 4
Chair: Martin Buzza, University of Hull, UK

11:10 (invited) The principle of corresponding states in diblock copolymer melts
David Morse, University of Minnestoa, USA
[view abstract pdf]

11:55 Disk-shaped bicelles in block copolymer/homopolymer blends
Martin J Greenall, University of Lincoln, UK
[view abstract pdf]

12:15 Segmental dynamics of free chain ends within ordered phases of block copolymers: An insight from solid-state NMR
Cedric Lorthioir, CNRS / University of Paris-East, France
[view abstract pdf]

12:35 Flash posters (4min)

  • (FP1) Spatially modulated structural colour in bird feathers
    Andrew J Parnell, University of Sheffield, UK
    [view abstract pdf]

  • (FP2) Thermalisation kinetics of self-assembling semi-flexible polymers
    Chiu Fan Lee, Imperial College London, UK
    [view abstract pdf]

  • (FP3) Towards reprocessing rubber crumb via cross metathesis reactions
    Stephen C Boothroyd, Durham University, UK
    [view abstract pdf]

  • (FP4) Spray-coating deposition techniques for polymeric semiconductor bulk heterojunctions
    Chris E Finlayson, Aberystwyth University, UK
    [view abstract pdf]

  • (FP5) The kinetics of swelling in block copolymer thin films during “solvo- microwave” and solvo- thermal annealing: The effect of vapour pressure rate
    Parvaneh Mokarian, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
    [view abstract pdf]


Atrium, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

Session 5
Chair: Jonathan Howse, University of Sheffield, UK

14:15 Monte Carlo Field-theoretic simulation of symmetric diblock copolymers
Bart Vorselaars, University of Lincoln, UK
[view abstract pdf]

14:35 Polymer:fullerene blend thermodynamics, photochemistry, polymerisation and kinetic pathways for advanced materials
Joao T Cabral, Imperial College London, UK
[view abstract pdf]

14:55 Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy studies of molecular diffusion in polymer brushes
Ana Lorena Morales, University of Sheffield, UK
[view abstract pdf]

15:15 Characterizing the structure and dynamics of reversibly crosslinkable elastomer networks with NMR
Santhosh Ayalur-Karunakaran, Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH, Austria

15:35 Ian Macmillan Ward Prize for Best Student Paper
Threading of ring polymers in gels and dense solutions
Davide Michieletto, University of Warwick, UK
[view abstract pdf]


Refreshment break, second poster session and exhibition
Atrium, Manchester Institute of Biotechnology

Session 6
Chair: Joe Keddie, University of Surrey, UK

16:45 Founders' Prize Lecture
(invited) What drives macromolecules to move?
Richard Jones, University of Sheffield, UK
[view abstract pdf]

17:45 End of session

18:45 Coach departs from MIB (Sackville Street outside the Manchester Conference Centre) to MOSI
Return coach transfers from MOSI to MIB will also be provided

19:00 Conference dinner
Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI), Manchester